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LINK Necklaces Review 2024 → Change & Play with Your Necklace!

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Jewelry is a fun way to pay for your fashion. And LINK Necklaces is here to teach you how to play with your jewelry. Changeable and fashionable to be the unique you.

LINK Necklaces Review: About LINK Necklaces

This jewelry brand offers a great range of changeable accessories, from necklaces to bracelets. Further, its products carry a fun and stunning style that gives you freedom in styling.

This brand has gained much interest by offering a fun way to play with your jewelry. For instance, it has 5.6K followers on Instagram and 2.2K on Facebook. Well, these numbers will keep growing.

But wait, are those gold and silver collections worth trying? Thus, our LINK Necklaces review will look deeper into it. Stay tuned for product reviews, services, discounts, and more!

Necklaces should be dynamic, stunning, fun, reusable, changeable, fashionable, lovely, and unique. That’s what they believe. Boukje and Heather are the two moms behind LINK Necklaces.

In 2020, this brand was established from this simple concept in Rye, New York. The two founders also want to allow everyone to style, layer, bundle, and link their way.

Link is not only about linking necklaces. It’s a symbolic meaning to link with people and your loved family and friends. Moreover, the brand has a high creative spirit to widen its unique accessories.

The main key to LINK Necklaces is that they are changeable and fun. That’s why its products can be mixed and matched to create the most unique jewelry. But what types of Link Necklaces?

LINK Necklaces Reviews: LINK Necklaces Review

You can change the charms, pendants, chains, and more using the clasps. Shockingly, it’s also not only applicable to necklaces. The bracelets and earrings also can be mix and match.

LINK Necklaces Products

Browse the collection to find a myriad of unique and stunning designs. Further, let’s know more about some of its goods in our LINK Necklaces review below!

The first product that you must have is the Elegant Paperclip Chain. This single product allows you to play with its changeable jewelry.

LINK Necklaces Review: LINK Necklaces Paperclip Chain Reviews

There are multiple sizes available that make it perfect for chokers or layered necklaces. Moreover, LINK Necklaces gold and silver chains are made of metal-plated brass chains. So, you can choose whether the glamour is gold or stunning silver.

In addition, the circular and lobster clasps are available. It’s where you link this paperclip chain necklace with other pendants and charms. So, don’t be shy about showing your own creativity.

Elegant Paperclip Chain Details

  • Size: 16, 18, 20, 24, 28 inches
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Sterling Silver

We recommend choosing the double lobster clasp to add more ways to wear it. Hence, get this link necklace silver or gold for fun styling from $52 to $85!

Most of you must have any heart symbol jewelry in your collection. The LINK Necklaces Hammered Heart Pendant is the best choice.

LINK Necklaces Review: LINK Necklaces Hammered Heart Pendant Reviews

This heart pendant has a graceful and delicate design. Moreover, its thin and lightweight make it the ideal bundling partner. So, couple with the chain to wear a stunning LINK Necklace with heart pendant.

Aside from being a link pendant necklace, it is also suitable for earrings and bracelets. In addition, choose your favorite color, silver or gold. So, start mixing and matching to be a stunner.

Hammered Heart Pendant Details

  • Size: 0.67 x 0.79 inches
  • Color: Gold, Silver

This heart pendant would never fail to make a statement. So, bring this lovely pendant to your collection for only $14!

Is it just us who love using charm in our accessories? It’s something like the zodiac, initial, amenities, and more. Thus, we recommend this LINK Necklaces Tiny Birthstone Charm if you are just like us.

LINK Necklaces Review: LINK Necklaces Tiny Birthstone Charm Reviews

This tiny gemstone charm is the perfect addition to add more color to your accessories. What’s more, the bright and sparkle will instantly be the center of attention. Simply use it in your bracelet, chain, or earrings.

In addition, the charms are available in all 12 months with 15 color options. Add more meaning to your accessories with this from January Garnet to December Blue Topaz.

Tiny Birthstone Charm Details

  • Size: 0.63″
  • Color: Gold, Silver

With this charm, your jewelry is not a simple fashion. But it has a meaningful symbolism in it. Hence, turn your chain into a link necklace with charms at $9!

LINK necklaces and bracelets are designed for everyone looking for freedom in how they style jewelry. Its collection supports the easy mix and match of chains, charms, pendants, and more.

In addition, we think that its collection is best for women. However, the design is pretty unisex. As a result, it can be used for men even though no specific jewelry has a manly design.

Before checking out the cart, it would be better if we took a closer look at the customer’s opinion. Further, we also found that this brand has a perfect 5/5 rating from 11 reviews on Facebook.

LINK Necklaces Review: LINK Necklaces Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The high rating above clearly shows how good the quality is. Further, one of LINK Necklaces reviews reported:

I bought the chain and a few add-on pieces. I adore it so much that I returned to the site and ordered more pieces to use with the chain! Further, the chain is of good quality. It’s lightweight, which I love! I get to switch out the look any time I want…

You must also be curious about the negative review. Therefore, we have already provided one of the customer complaints below:

It was very fun to customize the necklace. I even added things from old jewelry that are meaningful. Also, I enjoyed putting together it for my daughter-in-law. I take out 1 star since the extra links and loops’ colors do not match well.

When scouring the buyer’s feedback, we found that most of them completely love the products. It has a good weight, size, and quality. Not to mention the stunning design. Meanwhile, the negative review is only minor, like the one above.

The answer is only one. Yes, LINK Necklaces is worth all your money. It’s also highly recommended if you like to play with your jewelry. Further, the versatile design makes it easy to swap out what is attached and change it with others.

LINK Necklaces Review: Is LINK Necklaces Worth It?

Besides, the jewelry is also finely crafted with gorgeous designs. On top of that, the multiple pendants and charms show the unique you. The price is also relatively affordable with the quality it has.

At this point, you may be wondering what this company’s bad side is. Believe us, we’ve mentioned it. But you don’t have to scroll again. Check the pros and cons below!


  • Gorgeous and unique design
  • Changeable and versatile
  • Myriad of collections
  • Finely crafted from quality material
  • Affordable pricing with many discounts
  • Secure payment process
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • Impressive review from buyers


  • One customer complained of slight differences in colors

LINK Necklaces ships to the US from its warehouse in NY. It also has international shipping via UPS or USPS. However, there are some exclusions for certain countries. You can check it during the checkout.

Further, US shipping is available Via USPS and costs $4.25 with 2 to 4 ETA. Enjoy free shipping on US address delivery of over $75 orders. Meanwhile, priority mail is also available and arrives within 1 to 2 days.

Change your mind? The 30-day return policy is here to help. So, you can use it to initiate returns for refund. Yet, the refund is only given for items in new condition, and the shipping fee is non-refundable.

Login to your LINK account to initiate the returns. The refund usually takes 14 days after receiving the products. After that, credit back to your account will take up to 10 business days.

Don’t hesitate to contact to the customer service team if you have any questions. They would love to hear from you. So, use the contact details below!

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: (914) 222-0609
  • Social Media: @linknecklaces

Headquarters Address

219 Harrison Avenue – #206
Harrison, NY 10528
United States

Can’t wait any longer for your dream stunning jewelry? Well, it’s time to bring it to your jewelry box. So, hurry up to browse the collection at Aside from that, it also has several locations in New York, New Jersey, and Texas!

Are you hunting for coupon codes and perks? We got your back. Here is the best list of current promotions, especially for you! 

  • Free shipping on US orders $75+
  • Free gift box on all orders over $49
  • Enjoy up to 15% OFF on the Gift Set collections
  • Find a special discount on the Treasure Box Sale
  • Give 15% OFF and get $20 in store credit on the Ambassador program
  • Take 10% OFF promo code and perk updates by joining the email list!

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LINK Necklaces Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LINK Necklaces reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

This jewelry brand is owned by two moms, Boukje and Heather.

The brand is based in Rye, New York.

Ask a question?

Most people must want to be special. That’s the sole reason we recommend this jewelry brand. The unique silver and gold link necklaces allow you to create your own statement.

The clasp makes the earring, bracelet, and necklace swappable and changeable. That’s why you can change and match multiple pendants, charms, and other chains to your liking. Hence, create your own real statement piece with LINK Necklaces!


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